Packing: Listmaker Helps you Pack Fast, Travel Light or Super Light


Packing – A couple of years ago, I raced to Boston’s Logan Airport to catch a flight to Sao Paulo. It was only after I was standing in front of the nice lady at the ticket counter I realized I had forgotten my passport. That’s why apps like Quinn Genzel’s Packing exist.

Packing is a straightforward checklist of all the items you might need when you go on a trip. Tooth brush? Check. Flip flops? Check. Ear plugs? Check.

When you first launch Packing, you’ll see a list with four items: “Sample Packing Lists,” “my first trip (demo),” “add a new list (from template)” and “add a new list (from scratch).”

Drill into the Sample Packing Lists item and you’ll see for four other lists: male, female, light and super light. The first two are obvious. The light list is a streamlined version of the first two; the super light list is an even more streamlined version.

The lists are broken into categories: Essentials, Clothes, Accessories, Toiletries, Medical/Health, Gadgets and Miscellaneous. The number of items in each category is gender specific. The list of items for men is shorter than for women, because men have been traveling faster and lighter than women since the caveperson days.

I’m not sure why the dev thought it would be useful to include the “my first trip (demo)” item. List is simple and requires virtually no help to figure out.

Within the “add a new list (from template)” are the male, female, light and super light and “my first trip (demo)” lists. You can rename and customize those.

Finally, there’s the self-explanatory “add a new list (from scratch).” Why anyone would want to do that is hard to say. It’s far easier to use one of the templates.

Packing is as simple as simple gets. It’s a checklist of things most people take on a trip. You can use the supplied lists, modify one of them or create your own.

Packing (the app) works. The word formatting is sloppy, however. There’s no consistency between the things that are capitalized. Several items that should be capitalized, but aren’t. Several items that shouldn’t be capitalized are. In the App Store, the name of the app is “Packing.” In the app itself it’s “iLove Travel: Packing.”

But what do I know? I’m the guy who went to Logan without his passport.

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