Manilla Bills & Accounts Manager Aims to Simplify Online Bill Pay


Anyone having trouble keeping their household bills and online accounts organized may find help with Manilla’s Bills & Accounts Manager – the mobile app supported by Manilla is owned by the Hearst company and was created to be a sensible, secure means of managing online accounts and bills. The Manilla Bills & Accounts Manager app has some nice features for consolidating all online accounts and bills in one place and eliminates the need to remember multiple login and password sets.

Manilla Bills & Accounts Manager is designed to be a helpful financial tool that allows users to import multiple accounts and bills – like wireless, cable, utilities and more – and eliminate paper clutter by creating a single source for receiving and storing online bills. Manilla serves as a bill payment reminder and organizer in one, by storing bill information and sending reminders via text messaging or email when a bill comes due. The Manilla app also helps manage subscription services and travel rewards from applicable accounts.

The user interface for Manilla Bills & Accounts Manager is sleek and simple. Setting up an account requires a name, email address, zip code, security question set up and password creation. Once a Manilla account is created, the next step is to link household accounts by adding them through the app. Users can select from a list of popular household accounts and subscriptions or search for a specific account. When prompted, enter the online account information and Manilla takes it from there. There are currently somewhere around 3,000 companies as of August, ranging from AT&T and Verizon to American Express and Capital One.

Manilla has made a huge effort to be a powerful source for online bill consolidation, however there are many accounts that won’t be available to add – primarily local ones. Some major gas and electric providers are included, but local companies, many credit unions and other more obscure account sources will be absent. Unlike online bill pay through most major personal banks, you can’t create a payee if it doesn’t exist in the database; it must be a company that Manilla has an agreement in place with already.

Manilla Bills & Accounts Manager is surprisingly thorough and security and privacy have been made a priority. They utilize bank-level security and site monitoring and the app does not store passwords on the mobile device. The “Documents” tab provides an overview of all payees and includes the same statements and notices you would receive online (or in the mail), but stores them in one place.

One thing to note is the fine print that states when you register an account with Manilla you also consent to stop receiving hard copies. Translation: by signing up for online bill pay some companies will sign you up for paperless statements automatically. Essentially, this is a warning that you should check with individual payees to find out their policies. In and of itself, Manilla won’t require you to go paperless but independent vendors have their own terms and if you need paper statements then it doesn’t hurt to double-check your billing preferences to ensure your company hasn’t changed anything unexpectedly.

Manilla Bills & Accounts Manager is a simple and effective way to link accounts and keep track of your monthly bills. For reminders of what’s due and a consolidated place to manage personal finances, Manilla Bills & Accounts Manager is worth looking into.

Those who use a financial institution for personal banking and bill pay that also have a mobile app will probably find Manilla’s service to be redundant. Of course, if your bank charges a fee for online bill pay then Manilla has a definite advantage. The app is not only simple and secure, it’s available for free.

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