Bike or Die 2: The Answer is Bike AND Die, it Appears


Bike or Die 2 – They say you never forget how to ride a bike. My question is: what about a bike simulator? I think the last video game I played that had me on a bicycle was Paperboy on original Nintendo. How times have changed, right?

Probably the first thing you need to know about Bike or Die 2 – Physics Bike Simulator by Chillingo (other than that, obviously, it’s nothing like Paperboy) is that it’s hard! It’s entirely possible my fine motor skills just aren’t up to par, but wow, Bike or Die 2 gets tough, and it does so fairly quickly. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is probably up to individual users. It certainly should add to the replay value, but it can also get frustrating. I actually thought I was missing something when I played a particular level 30+ times without beating it; then I did a bit of looking around online and realized no, it’s supposed to be this tough!

Luckily, Bike or Die 2 – Physics Bike Simulator begins with several introductory levels that feature tips, tricks and hints, as well as a “ghost bike” to help players see exactly what they need to do to clear the level. In order to clear a given level in Bike or Die 2, players must collect all the flags on that course and/or make it to the finish line. The trouble is that your bike is…a little delicate, we’ll say, so a wrong landing, too much speed, or just about anything can easily result in taking a spill to the ground, which results in your poor rider’s blood spattering all over the place. Ouch!

Despite my personal difficulties, Bike or Die 2 has a lot to offer. There are over 2500 levels (that’s right, two zeros; not a typo!), exciting gameplay and an online Hall of Fame where players can watch videos of top games. The graphics are well-done, the music feels just right…there’s an awful lot to like about Bike or Die 2, and it’s the sort of game that no matter how tough a level may be, you find yourself trying again and again to make it through.

There’s a free lite version of Bike or Die 2 that you might want to check out before spending $7 on the full version.

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